Q: Why invest in professional photos? I take so many on my phone already.

A: While you can take such fabulous photos with your phones these days and I truly am thankful for that, they are simply not the same. By hiring a professional, you get to just be and enjoy your family while leaving all the thinking about photos and composition up to me. Plus, if you're like most families, there is often one of you who takes most of the photos and rarely ends up IN them. 

Q: When is the best time for newborn photos?

A: I love babies at just about any age but there is something special about the first 10 days that make photos particularly sweet. Your little one will never be this small and precious again, nor will he or she sleep this well! As a photographer, I have noticed that by day 10 or 11, the type of photos I am able to capture, changes so much.

Q: Does my session fee include digital image files and a print release?

A: My goal is to not only capture beautiful moments in your family, but to help those images be displayed in the very best way in your home. Because of this, my clients can order high quality archival prints and canvases, directly from their online gallery. For each session, there is a minimum $200 print order. After the minimum order, you will be able to download your digital images and a print release, although I still highly recommend continuing to order prints from your online gallery. I think you'll see why! 

Q: What should I wear?

A: Making sure clothes fit well & are comfortable and flattering to you goes a long way! Skip clothing with crazy patterns, words and graphics. Check out my pinterest page for ideas:

Q: What if my kids don’t smile? 

A: Relax! It’s ok if they don’t smile. I want you to remember your kids as they are, which is not always perfect. The natural shots always end up as favorites anyway! Please try to enjoy yourself and leave the posing and kid-wrangling up to me. That’s what you’re paying for! And pretty please with sugar on top, save the gum and sweets as an incentive for after we’re done! 

Q: Do you travel for sessions or weddings?

A: I absolutely love to travel! There is a fee for any travel over 40 miles from the Denver area. Let me know where you want me to travel to and I can get more specific.