Denver Family Photographer | Nagel Family

I’m finally catching up on some blogging and I just had to post this sweet family session from last fall! I have known this mama FOREVER and I can’t tell you what a joy it is to see her surrounded by such an incredible family. These aren’t just photos, they are pictures of God’s redemptive love and goodness and I was so honored to capture them. Also, Liz hiked all over the mountain in those heels and deserves a medal for that. And the Halloween costumes in the “100 Acre Wood” were the icing on the cake for the whole session.

Olive's Fresh 48 | Denver & Boulder Newborn Photographer

I am finally trying to catch up on some blog posts over here and couldn't wait any longer to share little Olive's Fresh 48 with you. She made her mom work like crazy to bring her into the world this spring but she is just the sweetest little peanut! I got to head over to their little home when she was about 24 hours fresh and I absolutely loved capturing her so quickly. I just love how proud her parents already were of her!

One of the special things was that her grandma and grandpa had timed a visit to be there for Olive's birth too. She certainly kept them on the edge of their seats preparing and waiting but I know it was worth it and I'm so glad I got to grab a few photos with them too! 

Baby Olive and her sweet family are very near and dear to my own family's hearts and we are so thrilled to get a front row seat to watch her grow! 

MOPS Mini Sessions

I spent an entire morning this spring photographing families at a local park as a fundraiser for the MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group from the Arvada Vineyard Church. It turned out to be a beautiful morning and all the families were so sweet! I was able to capture some gorgeous photos of each family!

I left the morning reminiscing about the days when my kids were smaller. There's no way I could have survived those years without the relationships I had with other moms in my same stage of life. I have so many great memories of sitting at parks and talking with friends while our kids ran and played. Or sipping coffee and hurrying to sneak in some deep conversations every time the kids left the room. They were some sweet years in so many ways. 

If you are a mom of young kids looking for this type of connection, these ladies are the real deal and I know they'd love to have you join them for this next year!

Denver & Boulder Fine Art School Photographer | Jenny Folman Photography


Hey friends! I'm so excited to share with you a big addition to my photography business that has been in the works for months! I am officially now offering Fine Art School Photography!

As many of you know, I have a degree and teaching license in Early Childhood Education and Early Childhood Special Education and have taught and worked with kids for most of my life. One of the the things that I most loved about teaching is the opportunity to see children as the incredible, unique individuals that they are...and of course making them laugh. Well, after lots of dreaming and soul searching, (and some pretty cheesy photos that have come home from school of my own kids), I've realized that Fine Art School Photography is the perfect way to join my passions for children, education and photography together! 

Your kids are unique, amazing and special and I love when I get to capture their personalities for parents, in a way that those big corporate photography companies just can't. If you or someone you know has influence in a school, early childhood program, homeschool co-op or daycare center in the Denver/Boulder metro area that you think might be interested in a more personal, non-traditional school photography experience, I'd love it if you passed my information along to them. Or better yet, pass their information along to me and I'll do all the work. 

In the meantime, check out these adorable little faces I got to capture at an early childhood program that's near and dear to my heart just this past spring!

Click the link below if you'd like more information about my Fine Art School Photography!